¨A Korean Odyssey¨

~Korean Name: 화유기
~RR: Hwayugi
~Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Horror
~Emission: Dec. 23, 2017 on-
~Original Network: tvN, Netflix Int.
~Director: Park Hong-kyun, Kim Jung-hyun/ Byung-soo


Hwayugi is a South Korean drama written by the Hong sisters, the drama is a modern spin-off of the Chinese classic 16th century novel ¨Journey to the West¨, this novel has been described as one of the most popular literary work in East Asia, having as original character -Sun Wukong- for Son Oh-gong.


Seon mi is a young girl born with the ability to see ghosts and spirits. Her seemingly irrational behavior has insolated her from her family and people around her, her only protector is her grandmother.

She find a man who asked her to do something for him, that man would give her an umbrella which would protect her from demons and ghosts. Even though she has instructions of not letting know what she can see, she falls for the games of Son Oh-gong the ¨Monkey King¨, who was imprisoned by heaven for his crimes.

After a long time Son Oh-gong meet Seon-mi again in a fateful encounter. She is entangled with the destiny of a monk, Son Oh-gong later learns that he is her protector and eventually they fall in love with each other.






Lee Seung-gi

Son Oh-gong 
(Sun Wukong)
He is an extremely powerful immortal who was exiled to the human world with is powers sealed, due o his mischievous and prideful nature. Jin Seon-mi is the love of his live. He is really powerful.
(Monkey Spirit)

Oh Yeon-seo

Jin Seon-mi/Sam-jang
(Tang Sanzang)
A real tate CEO who resells hoses that ave had notorios bad luck (inhabited by evil spirits). Eventually she meet with Son Oh-gong after being an adult and share with him a destiny full of plots.
(Monk Sam-jang spirit) 

Kal So-won

Young Jin Seon-mi 
(Tang Sanzang)
She is able to see ghosts, she is the one who releases Oh-gong from hi prison, and later metts him by fate. 

Cha Seung-won

Woo Hwi-chul/ Ma-wang
(Bull Demon King)
He is the CEO of Lucifer Entertainment.  A gentle and charismatic businessman, he is the object of other´s envy due to his popularity. He has a sad love fate with the woman he is in love with and now he is trying to become a deity in order to change that. 
(Ox spirit)

Lee Hong-gi

PK/ Jeo Pal-gue
(Zhu Bajie)
He is a top star in Lucifer Entertainment, he has the power to educe women, and also he can take the life energy of people. This energy can help the demons to recover.
(Wild pig spirit)

Jang Gwang

Yoon Dae-sik/Sa Oh-jeong
(Sha Wujing)
He is the loyal servant of Son Oh-gong, he works for him all the time and even manages MSUN, a mobile phone manufacturing company in order to have money for his boss.

Supporting; (Primary)




Lee Se-young

Jung Se-ra/Jin Bu-ja
She is a idol group trainee under Lucifer Entertainment. After being murdered, she becomes a zombie thanks to the magic blood of Sam Jang.

Lee Se-young

Ah Sa-nyeo
She possessed he body of the zombie Se-ra in order to seek power and love. She wanted to marry Son Oh-gong and made mischievous plans to get him, turning herself in a bad spirit in the way. 

Lee El

Ma Ji-young
Woo Hwi-chul´s secretary and number one follower. She is a loyal person and only seeks for her masters happiness and good. 
(Dog demon spirit)

Song Jong-ho

Kang Dae-sung
He is a politician who is candidate for the presidential election, and is popular with female voters for hi good looks and his gentle character. But what people doesn't know is that he is selfish and a power hunger.  

Kim Sung-oh

Lee Han-joo
A real estate employee who works under Jin Seon-mi. He is a kind person and loves his family.  

Sung Hyuk

General Winter / 
Summer Fairy
Two spirits in a same body, on daytime the General Winter is the one in the body, and is Son Oh-gong´s advisor and friend; At night The Fairy Summer is the one listening to her friends. 

Sng Ji-ru

Soo Bo-ri
An elderly deity who knows hints of the heavens´plans and helps some demons and deities.

Yoon Bora

(White Dragon Horse)
She works in the company of Woo Hwi-chul. Later she lives as the son of the Dragon King. 

Jung Jae-won

Hong Hae-ah
(Hong Hai Er)
He doesn't know his past not where he comes from. He is mysterious and is Woo Ma-Wang´s son.

Im Ye-Jin

She is the owner of a magic store for demons. She raised Hong Hae-ah.

Supporting; (Secondary)




Park Sang-hoon


Jung Jae-eun

Maternal Aunt

ang Sang-pil


Lee Yong-lee

Jin Sun-mi´s Grandmother

She is actually the only peson who can understand Jin Mi´s feelings and she take care of her granddaughter even after she passed away.

Son Young-soon

Street Vendor

Seo Yoon-a 


Baek Seung-hee

Wooden Doll Ghost´s Bride

Min Sung-wook


Park Seul-gi


Kim Ji-soo

Na Chal-nyeo
(Princess Iron Fan)

Woo Hwi-chul´s first love, she was a deity before but in order to keep her son alive she committed horrible crimes so she is paying for that. 

Michael K. Lee

He is Jin Seon-mi´s first friend, he was in love with her as well. Eventually they meet by coincidence  again after they grow up. 

Kim Yeon-woo

Tv. Show Superstar
He is he one who judges Yeon-woo in the first ep.

Yoo Yeon-jung

Lee Da-in

Jang Keun-suk

ong Jak

Bang Su-jin

The Mermaid

Lee So-yeon


Seo Eun-woo

Taoist Fairy Ha

Oh Yeon-ah


F.T. Island

¨Falling Star¨

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