¨A Love So Beautiful¨

~Chinese Name: 致我们单纯的小美好
~Pinyin: Zhì Wǒ Mén Dān Chún De Xiǎo Měi Hǎo
~Genre: Romance, Comedy
~Emission: Nov. 09, 2017 on-
~Original Network: Tencent Video
~Director: Yang Long


This drama is based on the novel ¨To Our Pue Little Beauty¨ by Zhao Qianquian. This drama was very popular during its run, and received positives reviews for its characterization and story. it surpased more than 5.5 billion views on its online streams, not to mention that this serie is in the platfom of Netflix since some time ago and is still gaining more public not only in Asia but around the world.

¨A Love So Beautiful¨ gave to its main actor and actress recognition around the world, and opened the door for them to new works in the future as well.


Chen Xiaoxi (Shen Yue) and Jiang Chen (Hu Yitian) are clasemates at Chenxi Secondary School, and have been neighbors since kindergarten. Xiaoxi, a  cheerful girl who does not study too much, is expressive about her feelings towards Jiang Che, a popular student known for his good grades and good looks.

Jiang Chen is distant towards people because he has a pain in his heart (His Father´s early dead), and this (feeling) is something  that he keep for himself.
However during the journey to becoming an adult Jiang Chen find the meaning of true love and true friendship.






Jiang Chen
(Main Role)
-A prestigious student known for his intelligence. He is secretly in love with Chen Xiaoxi.

Chen Xiaoxi
(Main Role)
-A persistent girl, she is in love with Jiang Chen and is also trying always to gain his admiration.

Gao Zhiting
Wu Bosong
(Supporting Role)
-A student who loves swimming and is loyal to Chen Xiaoxi (because he is in love with her), and is constantly fighting over her love with Jiang Chen.

Wang Ziwei
Lin Jingxiao
(Supporting Role)
-Xiaoxi´s Best friend. she is a strong girl who is also fiercely protective.

Su Ning
Lu Yang
-A loud and boisterous student, he gradually falls in love with Lin Jingxiao

Lu Yan
Li Wei
-She is in love with Jiang Chen and always bully Xiaoxi, she has depression due to much stress. Is also the chairpeson of the class.

Zhang He Hao Zhen
Li Shu
-The school´s physician. Lin Jingxiao has a crush on him.

Wang Jiahui
Qiao Lu
-Li Wei´s Best Friend. She comes to her defense and is also cruel to those who are against her.

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