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Hello all!!!!!

Let me tell you about this Fandom.

This Pages are established for more than a year, and are completely dedicated to support the Idols and to inform the fans.
Some of the pages are updated frequently since the function of them are news givers; The other ones are more for editing and interaction.

Each of the pages have their own theme and topics, and the content in two of them is personalized to the pages.

The information published in the pages that are not property of this Fanbase, (Respect to the owners) is taken from legitimate official accounts (Studios, Channels or from the same idol´s account a well); The page also take information from other pages that are from fans with direct access, in that case, then the fanbase will use the credit to name te owner. However all the content updated in Dylan´s and Allen´s pages is strictly watermarked not to take the credit of others, but to Avoid other pages to take the content.
The base have properties in editions, videos, and translations that are made in the same base for the admin (and is watermarked as well).

Social media and contact:

If you want to be part of the fandom, Click in the icons and follow... You´ll be able to know more about your idols.


Wang HeDi 

Deng Lun 

-The Instagram page was the first one to be created, both pages are in charge of update news as soon as they release to the public, the news are update often in order to keep the fans informed.
Instagram page
Instagram page

-The Facebook page is nourish from the Instagram page, is also often update. In facebook the interaction is different, once in the page you have the option of belong to the closed group (but first have to apply for it), in that group the fans are the ones that share information (only related to the main topic).
 Facebook Page
 Facebook page

-The Tiktok page is public and fans are able to download and duets the videos, the videos are taken from the main page (Instagram), and also some of the videos are directly made in Tiktok with the editor of the same app. 
Tiktok page
Tiktok page

-Twitter Page is also feed by the main one (Instagram). The content here is edited because of the format, and sometime the information is not complete or is divided as well.
Twitter page
Twitter page

Instagram page (DorAsianBi)


-Is an Instagram page, which is dedicated to share information and give support to our Asian actors, actresses, idols, mangas and more.
In this page the information is not update as often as the other ones, and is because of the theme of this page.

DorAsianBi is an open line not only for information, but also you can find fanfics, wallpapers and more.

About Me:

I am from Latinoamérica. My name is Bianka Prestol, but in the fandom they just called me ¨Bi¨, however -Bi- does not have a good meaning when translated into Chinese, and that's why I got a Chinese name ¨Yan YaLi¨ (炎雅丽). 
The logo, the signature and the main pictures of two of the pages have my names and also characteristics that I personally created for them.

DorAsianBi was my last creation after wanting to have a page to share more topics without affecting the theme of the first ones.

I´ve been developing all this Base because at first when I meet the Asian world it was really interesting to me, and after that, I meet Lun and HeDi, I couldn't find actual information about them, and the one I did find was not even in English... So I decided to create this spaces as for help other fans not to feel as I did. Give the fans recent and real information, and in a understable language for them is really amazing. 

one of the questions I´ve been asked is -Why is English, if is a Latinoamerican base?
It's because at first it was supposed to be in Spanish, but most of the fans of the Base knows English, and are around the world, so I decided to use more English because is more a general language, have to tell that I sometimes update in Spanish in the pages and even in Chinese.

My native language is Spanish, but I really improved my English after working in the base, also I've learnt some Chinese in order to translate some things for the base and of course to understand (because I have to use Asian apps for the management of information).

Growing a wonderful family and reaching more fans is the best way...

I really hope that you can enjoy the Base, and Thanks for Supporting!

If you want to contact me...  you can send me a message 💚
100275415.bp@gmail.com / 100275415.pb@gmail.com

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