¨Because Of Meeting You¨

~Chinese Name:  因为遇见你
~Pinyin: Yīnwèi yùjiàn nǐ
~Other Name: because Of You 
~Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Family Love
~Emission: Mar. 02, 2017 on-
~Original Network: Hunan TV


¨Because Of Meeting You¨ is a Chinese remake of the Korean drama: ¨Come! Jang Bori¨. The Korean version released in 2014.


Guo Guo (Sun Yi) is the daughter of a famous embroidery workshop boss, but when she was a little kid she got lost after a car accident and ended grown up in a small town. Zhang Guo Guo (which real name is Jin Yi Bei) grew up in a wonton shop and is also the food delivery girl for the town. She did not received education because she was dedicated to work for her adoptive mother as a child.

She has a unique talent when it comes to embroidery. Guoguo is very grateful to Wang Aiyu for raising her, and that is the reason why she go through a lot of calamities and carried her adoptive sister´s burden, sometimes without even knowing.

Guoguo and her sister Zhang Yu Xin, meet the Li brothers, and the love between the two couples  begins to blossoms. What Li Yun Kai (Deng Lun) didn´t know is that Guoguo was actually his childhood´s swetheart.






Sun Yi
Zhang Guoguo/ Jin Yi Bei
(Female Lead)

A talented girl that is very good at embroidery and cooking, she is a very good person and a naive girl. Her adoptive mother never gave her the opportunity to study. 

Li Yun Kai
(Male Lead)

Is a kind hearted guy. But he pretended to be a womanizer and an irresponsible man in order to let his big brother in charge of the company and don´t bother his father.

Wu You
Zhang Yu Xin
-Guoguo´s Adoptive Sister-

A mean girl that is envious of everything that belongs to Guoguo and is also inventing schemes in order to have money and a good position in life at all costs.

Dai Chao
Li Yun Zhe
-Yun Kai´s Older Brother-
(Second M. Lead)

He is someone who works hard but is always feeling that his brother will take over everything, he is in love of Zhang Yu Xin, and ended up making bad things to his brother before realizing the true face of his wife.





Joy Pan
Xu Hui Jie
-Jin Yi Bei´s Biological Mother-
(Supporting Role)

Zhang Guoguo´s mother, she did everything to be the leader of the family and the workshop embroidery. She even made schemes in order to have what she wanted. 

Liu Min Tao
Song Xiu Hua
-Jin Yi Bei´s Aunt-
(Supporting Role)

She is a good person, a kind and lovely woman who loves her family. She is the victim of the selfish wish of Hui Jie to become the boss. She become Yi bei´s teacher before recognizing her as her family.

Luo Gang
Jin Zhi Ming
-Jin Yi Bei´s Biological Father-
(Supporting Role)

He is a man with a big character and is more close to his daughter than his wife. He is a lovely father, however he took some bad decisions because of his wife towards his family.

Li Hao Han
Jin Zhi Da
-Xiu Hua´s Husband-
(Supporting Role)

He is a nice person and is as good as his wife. Older brother of Yi Bei´s father. He is the main victim of the actions of Hui Jie.
Kelvin Li
Lu Si Chen
(Supporting Role)

Is a kind hearted man, he was Zhang Yu Xin´s first husband, he got abandoned by her after he got bankrupt. After that he became someone blind of revenge towards her but still never lost his kind heart.

Guo Hong
Wang Ai Yu
(Zhang Guoguo´s Adoptive Mother)

As she didn´t have the ability to give her biological daughter a good life, she supported all the things his daughter made and even caused harm to Guoguo and her grandchild. 

Wang Ting Wen
Zhang le Tong/ Li Le Tong
-Adoptive Daughter of Guoguo and Yun Kai-
-(Supporting Role)

A lovely child whose biological parents are Lu Si Chen and Zhang Yu Xin, she was adopted by Guoguo without knowing her real identity. His biological father was looking for her, but he keep his space after finding her because of Guoguo.

Wu Jing
Dong Li Jun
(Supporting Role)

Grandma of the family. She is an intelligent  and strong woman, who is in charge of all the decisions of the worship embroidery and the family.  

Zhao Yan Song
Li Hai Song
-Yun Kai´s Father-
(Supporting Role)

He is a businessman, he married Yun Zhe´s mother after the death of Yun Kai´s mother, for him his family is the first thing and the second is the company. He is always trying to get his two sons together. 

Zhao Qian
He Juan/ He Jin Hua
-Yun Zhe´s Mother-
(Supporting Role)

An active and talkfull woman, she loves her son. She carried with a secret related to Yun Kai´s mother. Even though she looks like a bad person, she isn't. 

Li Mou
Li Hai Lan
-Yun Kai´s Aunt-
(Supporting Role)

A positive girl, her brother takes good are of her. She is in love of Jiang Zheng Chuan. And she support Yun Kai very much.

Marc Jia
Jiang Zheng Chuan
(Supporting Role)

He is a good boy, he is in love of Hai Lan and because of that he works hard for the approval of their relationship.

Xia Yang
Xu Xiao Qin
(Supporting Role)
She is a good person until she lost her way. At first she was in love with Yun Kai, but he left and she got entangled with a troublesome relationship. This caused her to fall and do bad things at the end. 

Huang Tian Qi
Li Yun Kai 
(Supporting Role)

He suffered because of the tragical death of his mother. After that he got closed to Jin Yi Bei, who got lost in a car accident.

Jerry Chen
Li Yun Zhe
(Supporting Role)

After get the position of first young of Li family, he was always trying to get a position in his father's heart.

Li Shang En
Zhang Yu Xin
(Supporting Role)

Since young, Yu Xin made schemes to accomplish her purpose, she copied Guoguo in order to enter and take advantage of Jin family.

Xia Zhi Qing
Ding Wei
(Supporting Role)

He is in charge of dye in the fabric, he is an important person in the workshop embroidery. He is the first support of Hui Jie because they grew up together and he had feelings towards her.

Lily Wang
(Supporting Role)

She is someone who works hard and had the respect of everyone in the workshop embroidery.

Dai Wang
Wang Wei
(Supporting Role)
He is the secretary of Yun Zhe, He is very loyal to him and always is working in the company. 

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