Dylan Wang


Givens ❤

~Nationality; Chinese
~Chinese Name; 王鹤棣
~Birth; Dec. 20, 1998
~Height; 1.83 m / 183 cm / 6 ft
~Chinese sign; Tiger
~Zodiac S.; Sagittarius


He is an actor, model, basketball player and Chinese singer, known for having played as  ¨Daoming Si¨ in the Chinese drama "Meteor Garden".
Dylan was born on December 20th, 1998 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province of China.
He was a 16th-level flight attendant and poster model for admission at Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation, and also became the professional image spokesperson for flight attendants, before debuting in the show business. Even though Dylan Wang never seemed to like the idea of flying, he's pursued it for most of his early life.

Name Curiosity.

His name is full of variations because of the difference in Chinese as language. Here you have the different ways of his name (how to write and the pronunciation).

~Chinese(trad.); 王鶴棣
~Pinyin(transc.); Wáng Hè Dì
~Standard mand.; 王鹤棣
~Transl.(Chinese); Wang Hezhen
~English name; Dylan Wang
~Nickname; Didi

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