Collaborations BT 2001 & 2018.

The producer of ¨Meteor Garden 2001¨(Angie Chai), thought it would be a good idea to do the story again. Both versions share some musical themes, and even cameos of actors in common.

The actress Wang Yue, participated in ¨Meteor Garden 2001¨as Shancai´s Mother, developing a wonderful role. In 2018 she participated as the owner of a restaurant in the Chinatown in London and was who took care of Daoming Si when he was there as a kid.

As another collaboration in common, we have the actress Dee Hsu, who plays our beautiful Daoming Zhuang, the sister of Daoming Si in ¨Meteor Garden 2018¨. In real life Dee Hsu is the sister of Barbie Hsu, who interpreted Shancai in ¨Meteor Garden 2001¨.  
This production company really knew how to win our hearts with these majestic appearances, we all cried in London (¨That's when I realized I care about so many things¨, ¨There is not next time¨), and I can not imagine another Zhuang, Dee Hsu was the ideal in short.

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