Deng Lun


Givens ❤

~Nationality; Chinese

~Chinese name; 邓伦 
~Birth; Oct. 21, 1992
~Height; 1.85 m
~Chinese sign; Monkey
~Zodiac S.; Libra


He is an actor, model, basketball player and Chinese singer, better known for having played as ¨Fenix¨ in the Chiense drama "Ashes of Love".
Allen was born on October 21th, 1992 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Providence of China.

Name Curiosity.

His name is full of variations because of the difference in Chinese as language. Here you have the different ways of his name (how to write and the pronunciation).

~Chinese(Trad.); 鄧倫
~Pinyin(Transc.); Dèng Lún
~Standard mand; 邓伦
~Transl.(Chinese); Dun Len
~English name ; Allen Deng
~Nickname; Lunlun

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