¨Love 020¨


~Chinese Name: 微微一笑很倾城
~Pinyin: Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng
~Genre: Romance, Comedy, School Life, Fiction
~Emission: Aug. 22, 2016 on-
~Original Network: Yoku, Jiangsu TV., Dragon Tv.
~Director: Lin Yufen


This is a drama serie based on the novel of the same name written by Gu Man. It is considered as a commercial success in China. Is also one of the most watched modern dramas, with over 25 billion views online.


Bei Weiwei (Zheng Shuang) is the computer department goddess, who excels in her studies. She aspires to be an online game developer and goes by the user ID of Luwei Weiwei in the online role-playing game A Chinese Ghost Story. After she gets dumped bu her online husband Zhenshui Wuxiang, she gets approached by the number one player Yixiao Naihe, who suggested that they get married so they can participate in a couple competition within the game. 

Weiwei never expected the real identity of her virtual husband to be her college senior, Xiao Nai (Yan Yan) who is described as the perfect boy and is the cream of the crop in both sports and academics. They meet in real life and the couple undergo many adventures in the game and in real life as well.






Zheng Shuang

Bei Weiwei 
(Bright, Intelligent, Helpful)
-Female Lead-  
A second year computer science student. She is considered the ¨Belle¨ of the computer science major, she placed the second in a beauty voting that took place online within the student community. She is the only female player in the top 10PK ranking in the online game, catching the attention of Xiao Nai unintentionally.

Yang Yang

Xiao Nai 
(Gentle, Kind, Cunning Intellect)
 -Male Lead-

A fourth computer science student. He is also the CEO of Zhi Yi technology company. He is famous in the online game and the top player. In real life Xiao Nai is also the most popular guy in the campus.

Mao Xiaotong

Zhao Erxi 
(Bright, cheerful, stubborn)
 -Supporting Lead-

She is We Wei´s best friend and dorm mate. She falls for Cao Guang in the online game, as Cao Guang mistook her web name for her friend´s and star to befriend her.

Bai Yu

Cao Guang (Talented, Intelligent)
-Supporting Lead-
A second year foreign studies student. He initially misunderstood Weiwei, but later develops a friendship and a crush on her. Later, later he also forms a friendship and budding romance with Er Xi.

Supporting; (Qing University)




Ma Chunrui

Meng Yiran 
-Supporting Role-
The school´s ¨belle¨, who placed first in the school´s online beauty voting. She has a crush on Xiao Nai and dislikes Weiwei because of it.

Qin Yu

Xiao Ling -Supporting Role-
Wei Wei´s dorm mate. Because of her wealthy background, she is often referred to as ¨Little Rich Woman¨.

Songxin Jiayi

Tian Sisi
-Supporting Role-

Wei Wei´s roommate.

Zhou Chenjia

 -Supporting Role-
Yiran´s roommate. She constantly sucks up to Yiran and encourages her to pursue Xiaonai. In reality, she dislikes Yiran and only does so in order to capture the attention of her cousin, Shaoxiang.

Zhang Chaoren

Da Zhong 
-Supporting Role-

Xiao Ling´s boyfriend. Member of the basketball team.

Chen Jie

Aixiang Nail´er  
-Supporting Role-
Yiran´s friend. A famous online blogger, who posted degrading remarks about Weiwei online. 

Supporting; (Zhi Yi Technology)




Niu Junfeng

Yu Banshan
(¨Yulong Pashan¨)

He often misuses idioms due to a childhood trauma.

Cui Hang

Qiu Yonghou
(¨Houzi Jiu¨)

Zheng Yecheng

Hao Mei
(¨Mo Zha Ta¨)
One of the top 3 experts, he has a baby face and is often called ¨Mr. Girly¨

Vin Zhang

A top hacker and one of the top 3 expert. He used to work in the cafeteria inside the campus. He shares a twisted fate with Hao Mei, whom he previously met in a game.

Hu Haobo

Ah Shuang
One of the top 3. He has a phobia of women. He later betrayed Zhi Yi by revealing company secrets to Zhen Yi, and left the company.

Supporting; (A Chinese Ghost Story)




Zhang He

Zhen Shaoxiang
-Zhenshui Wuxiang-
He is Weiwei´s ex-vitual husband. He is also Yiran´s elder cousin and the heir of Zhen Yi technology. A person who judges people by appearance; he dumps Weiwei thinking she is ugly and marries ¨Xiaoyu Yaoyao¨, but later comes to regret it when he sees Weiwei in real life.

Liu Yinglun

Yu Yao
-Xiaoyu Yaoyao-
Leader of the Xiao Yu cla. She is regarded as the number one beauty of the game after placing first in a photo competition. Zhenshui Wuxiang´s virtual life and real-life partner. A hypocritical and attention-seeking person.

Lu Yunxuan

Leishen Nini
-Guild Mate-

Wei Wei´s guild mate. She loves to gossip.

Liu Yujin

Diemeng Weixing
-Ex-leader of the ¨Jade Seas Rising Tide¨-
 She is guild and Zhan Tianxia´s virtual wife and real-life partner. She hates the Xiaoyu Gang as they caused her relationship with Zhan Tianxia to deteriorate, and she makes use of Weiwei´s friendship with her to spite them in real life.

Zhang Shou

Zhan Tianxia
-Current leader of the ¨Jade Seas Rising Tide¨-
Guild and Diemo Weixing´s virtual husband and real-life partner. He has an ambiguous relationship with Xiaoyu Qingqing.

Yang Xueying

Xiaoyu Qingqing
One of Xiaoyu Yaoyao´s followers. She likes to flirt with male players, especially with Zhan Tianxia.

Song Yuqing

Xiaoyu Feifei 

One of Xiauyu Yaoyao´s followers.

Liu Qianyu

Xiaoyu Mian Mian

One of Xiauyu Yaoyao´s followers.

Xiao Xiaobai

Youming Guilao
-A ¨boss¨-
He likes to capture male players and make them his slaves.

Zhang Haoyu

Tianxia Dayi

Supporting; (Others)




Cai Gang

Xiao Nai´s Father
An archaeologist professor at Qing University.

Gu Kaili

Xiao Nai´s Mother

A history professor at Qing University.

Fu Jun

Wei Wei´s Father

Yang Manqin

Wei Wei´s Mother

Bian Cheng

Xiao Yang
Wei Wei´s tutee.

Cheng Gong

CEO Zhen
-CEO of Zhen Yi technology-
Shaoxiang´s father and Yiran´s uncle. He use underhanded means to try to steal Xiao Nai´s game creation.

Leng Haiming

Head of the gaming department at Zhen Yi technology.

Denny Huang

Feng Teng
CEO of Feng Teng Organization.

Liu Guhao

CEO Wang
Feng Teng´s employee.

Yang Yucheng

Xiao Nai´s uncle

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