¨My True Friend¨


~Chinese Name: 我的真朋友
~Pinyin: Wo De Zhen Peng You
~Genre: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Business
~Emission: May 19, 2019 on-
~Original Network: Dragon Tv.
~Director: Zhang Silin


This drama shown to us the difficulties that young people needs to go through in order to get what they wish. Giving us the point of view of rich and poor people as well, My True Friend reached a high score of views, we can tell this is maybe because is close to the reality nowadays.


Cheng Zhen Zhen is an enthusiastic rookie agent, determined to become the very best in her field. She joins the local agency Love And Family and is soon paired with another low-level rookie, Shao Peng Cheng.
Being the only child of the president of the company, Peng Cheng decides to keep his true identity as secret as he attempts to climb the ranks of the company by himself and prove his worth.

Sharing the joys and sorrows of their client's lives, while facing trials of their own. They learn several valuable lessons about life, love and what it really takes to make dreams come true.







Cheng Zhen Zhen
(Main Role)

Allen Deng

Shao Peng Cheng
(Main Role)

Zhu Yi Long

Jing Ran
(Main Role)

Xu Di

Bai Ya Ru
(Recurrent Role)





Xu Hao

Tong Li

Kai Tan

Ni Dahong

Ding Jiali

Xiaofeng Li

Yao Anlian

Mingjia Yu

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