Selection Of The Characters.

Selection of the F4:

~It is almost unbelievable to think that the current actors of ¨Meteor Garden 2018¨ were not the first option, but in fact... they weren´t.

After the confirmation of the remake of one of the most famous adaptations from a manga, Angie Chai got the difficult work to find the young boys for the perfect representation of The F4. Her first option were indeed a group of popular boys from a band, however the cost for these idols was at that time higher than the budget (and we should be grateful after all :D ).

The selected actors needed to adapt in a natural way, as well as get along together; After all The F4 is a brotherhood, It was a surprise when four striking models were impossible to pass unnoticed at that time. They were called to the casting, and magnificently they got along well because they had already worked together at fashion events.


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