Wu XiZe

Wu xi ze devotes himself to singing in the city of unreal. - Star ...
~Occupation: Actor, Model
~Nationality: Chinese
~Birthplace: Shenzhen, G.  
~Birth NameWú Xī Zé
~Chinese Name吴希泽
~Birth: Oct. 19, 1996
~Height: 1.86 m
~Zodiac S.: Libra


Wu rose to the fame with his debut in the drama ¨Meteor Garden¨ in 2018, also in the same year appeared in ¨Harper's Bazaar China¨ along with the co-stars of the drama. In 2019 Wu was cast in the youth historical drama ¨The Chang´an Youth¨.







The Young Lady Of Thee General´s House
Chu Xiuming 

The Chang´an Youth 
Yang Zi´an 

Meteor Garden  
Xi Men

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